Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The crazy dreams are back!

While I was pregnant I had some pretty intense dreams. They were usually really scary and gruesome, it was awful! Towards the end of my pregnancy and after I gave birth my dreams calmed down, most times I couldn't even remember them, which was nice for a change. But the crazy dreams are back with a vengeance!

Recently, I had a dream that I lost Sienna. After frantically searching everywhere, I found her but she wasn't a baby, she was a small toy stuffed BOY dinosaur wearing a t-shirt! So I took her (the toy dinosaur) to bed with me and once I was asleep she rolled off the bed. Horrified, I quickly picked her up off of the floor, only to find a naked baby's body- with no head! It was HORRIBLE! I woke up drenched in sweat.

Now, I keep having this dream that I am pregnant and while I'm in the hospital about to give birth, this evil woman wants to "curse" me so she sneaks into the delivery room and hides "cursed" rocks, which cause my baby to be deformed and have two heads, it's not conjoined twins, just a crazy extra head with teeth and hair! (Somehow we see all of this from an ultrasound). In order to break the curse I must get rid of the cursed rocks before I push the baby out. What the HELL!?