Friday, June 10, 2011

The third trimester

I've heard that this is how most pregnancies go...

The first trimester: hell. You're sick as a dog and so tired, all you want to do is sleep 15 hours a day. This was SO true in my case (I can't emphasize the "sick as a dog" part enough).

The second trimester: bliss. You look great and you feel great. During this time you are starting to feel the first baby movements and you FINALLY get to find out the sex (if you choose to). Again, this was totally true for me, the second trimester was heaven!

The third trimester... get ready for a wild ride, sister. You feel as big as a house, you waddle, you're sick, tired, everything hurts... you get the picture. Sounds fun right!? Well I'm only a couple weeks into my third trimester and all of the above is true so far. Second trimester, I miss you, I love you!

One thing that I hadn't experienced until the third trimester was the INSANE hormonal mood swings. I know a ton of pregnant Mama's right now and for most of them, their mood swings kicked in much earlier. For whatever reason, I've been lucky my husband has been lucky enough to have a pretty normal pregnant wife. He's told me that people ask him, "so is Jenny having crazy mood swings yet" and up until now, his answer has been, "nope, she hasn't changed much at all". Damn you, third trimester!

Last night was ridiculous.
Yesterday I was having a really "blaaah" day. I didn't feel very good and I was exhausted, but I had things to do, so I had to suck it up and put on a happy face. In the evening, once I got home from work, I spent some time cleaning up the house, then we went grocery shopping. When we came home, I put everything away and by that time it somehow was already 8:30pm... and we still hadn't had dinner. Hungry doesn't even come close to how I was feeling, I was starving and starting to get a little grumpy. I knew I had to eat before I turned into crazy prego monster, so I told the Hub, we gotta eat NOW! He knew what that meant, so he joined me in the kitchen to help me whip up something, quick. Even tho I was so hungry and I wanted to break every glass in my cabinet, I knew I had to control my psycho emotions. My hubby was being so sweet, we were laughing and making great conversation, I think I was able to hide the psycho-ness that was brewing within me. Finally, dinner was done, hallelujah! Yummy chicken pasta was done baking, garlic bread cooling and green beans were on the stove. Time to eat, crisis averted! I went into the kitchen to serve our plates, I opened the stove to take out the pasta and it smelled so delicious, my mouth immediately started to water! The following ten seconds seemed to go by in slow motion... with my trusty oven mitts, I grabbed the wonderful smelling, beautiful dish of pasta that had been baking for 45 damn minutes, when it was half way out of the stove, my evil oven mitts slipped and the dish fell out of my hands onto the open oven door. Pasta spilled into my oven (that was still 425 degrees and smoking like hell), through the cracks of the oven door onto my kitchen floor. The Hub was standing beside me, I looked up at him with desperation in my eyes and yelled, "FUCK"! He stood there, quiet, just staring at the huge mess. I was so pissed, so sad, so HUNGRY, all I could do was cry. Actually, no, I sobbed. I couldn't stand to look at our yummy dinner all over my kitchen floor for one more second, so I ran to our bedroom, flopped like a giant fish onto the bed and wept. I mean, huge tears and "boo hoo's".  After a minute or two, I stopped crying and I came out of the room with my puffy eyes and a red nose. I walked into the kitchen and as soon as I saw that pasta, I lost it, again. Looking back on the moment, Isaac's face was priceless, but of course I couldn't appreciate it then. He looked stunned, like he was thinking, "who the hell are you and what have you done with my wife". I can't even remember the last time I cried that hard or for that long! It was so STUPID, but I couldn't help it. All of my frustrations of the day were rushing out all at once, spilling the pasta was just the straw that broke the camels back, I guess. I had to leave the kitchen, so I flopped on the couch and cried some more. The only thing I could say in between my sobs was, "I'm so hungry!". It was a pathetic scene. A couple minutes passed and I finally stopped crying, I tried going into the kitchen again (why, I don't know) and again, I lost it! Something about seeing that pasta on the floor just enraged me! I went to the bathroom to sob some more, Isaac followed me to try to console me and calm me down. He was being so great. He didn't laugh, or yell, all he said was, "have some garlic bread to hold you over", to which I replied yelled, "I don't want JUST bread, I want a meal, I want DINNER (boo-hoo hoo...)". A three year old toddler would have acted less bratty than I was in that moment. He looked at me and with a stern voice said, "Calm down, I'll make something else but you need to stop crying". He went into the kitchen and started cleaning up the mess I made and started a new batch of pasta. I on the other hand flopped back onto the couch and cried some more, but quietly so he couldn't hear me. Once the new pasta was done my anger, sadness and psycho prego monster had gone away. I scarfed two helpings and it was delicious. I hopped into my husbands lap and kissed him all over his face and thanked him for being the best hubby in the world. My head was clear and my no-longer-hungry tummy was full so I was able to look back and realize how ridiculous I had acted. I apologized for my insane tantrum. He just laughed at me and said, "That was weird".

I sobbed like a baby for 20 minutes over spilled pasta and my husband didn't even laugh (until afterwards). I love him, he's a Super-Hubby and I am so thankful! Even I wasn't prepared for the almighty powerful prego monster, that I have heard so much about. I pray that she doesn't return!

Ladies and gents, please don't judge me, I swear it wasn't my fault... I blame it on the 3rd trimester bitch from hell. If you know a pregnant lady, be sweet to her :)

I hope you all have a calm weekend, without any spilled pasta!

P.S. I promise to post all about our Babymoon very soon, I'm sorry I haven't yet!